Township Collective

Macleod Trail & 210 Ave SE, Calgary


Located in the southeast of Calgary along MacLeod Trail, adjacent to the communities of Walden and Legacy, Township is a 61.78-acre mixed-use development which when completed, will have approximately 1.5 million square feet of retailers, restaurants, and residences. Inspired by traditional prairie aesthetics and brought together with modern design, Township showcases Royop’s unique vision for an elevated and engaging shopping experience.

The 7-acre Township Collective is envisioned as the heart of the excitement at Township. Pedestrian oriented high streets, public spaces, and plazas with formal programming will complement a broad range of retail offerings; the Collective will be a place that guests will want to visit and linger. Royop is currently in pre-development of 400-600 residential units with complementary main street retail shops, and a substantial public realm to further enhance the vibrancy and activity around Township.

Renting Spring 2025
1, 2 & 3 bedroom units

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