CECRA Program Tenant Application Form

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CECRA Program Tenant Application Form

    • Tenant Information

    • 1. Tenant’s Registered Legal Name And Business Name(s)

    • 2. Federal Registration Number (First 9 Digits Of HST Number*) And Brief Description Of Nature Of Tenant's Business Activities:

    • 3. Complete Tenant Contact Details

    • 4. Number Of Employees Of Registered Business:

    • 5. Complete Address Of Tenancy And Shopping Centre Name Or Building Name (Only One Tenancy):

    • Tenant Representations

    • 7. The Tenant Confirms That Criteria 14, 15 And 16 Of The Tenant’s Attestation Form Are, In Fact, Correct, In Respect Of Your Tenancy (Please Refer To CMHC’s Tenant Attestation Form ):

    • 8. Has Tenant Received Proceeds From Insurance Or From Other Non-repayable Rental Support Program(s)*:

    • * If Yes, please confirm amount(s) and respective program(s) / insurance(s). If No, Please enter $0
    • Document Uploads

    • Accepted file types: pdf.
      Please upload your completed PDF document above (max 5MB)
    • Accepted file types: pdf.
      Please upload your completed PDF document above (max 5MB)
    • Miscellaneous

      • All information provided by the tenant to the landlord will remain confidential and will be disclosed solely to the landlord’s employees and representatives on a need to know basis, as well as to the CMHC, should tenant’s request be approved by landlord;
      • If tenant fails to submit this form and provide all necessary information and documents by the date in the landlord's communication, the tenant’s application will automatically be rejected, without any liability for the landlord;
      • The landlord will review and consider the tenant’s application to the Program. Should the landlord agree to participate in the Program on behalf of the tenant, the tenant will be contacted for next steps;
      • Even if landlord agrees to participate and submit an application to the Program with the tenant, such application is subject to approval by CMHC and availability of Program funds, and the landlord shall not be liable for any decision by CMHC to reject such application or in case of insufficient funds;
      • The receipt of the present form is not an offer by the landlord or a commitment by the landlord to reduce the rent payable under the tenant’s lease or to apply with the tenant under the Program, and any decision to apply shall be made by the landlord in its sole discretion; and
      • Time is of the essence.
    • Tenant Undertaking And Agreement

      1. The information contained in this form, as well as the attachments provided herein: (A) are true, accurate and complete; and (B) will be used by the landlord to determine if the tenant has satisfied the eligibility requirements of the Program;
      2. This form relates solely to the tenancy referred to above, and the tenant shall be required to complete and submit a separate form for each tenancy, together with the relevant sales information required in relation thereto; and
      3. The tenant shall provide such additional information and/or satisfy such additional requirements of the Program as may be requested or otherwise deemed appropriate from time to time by the landlord and/or CMHC, or which are otherwise deemed necessary as a result of further consultation with the Program requirements, the current details of which are available on the CMHC website (https://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/finance-and-investing/covid19-cecra-small-business).