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At Royop Development Corporation (Royop), we know the value of experience. Ours spans over 40 years, beginning when our founder Morris Kowall built Calgary’s first enclosed mall. Since then, we’ve been committed to developing innovative, top-quality commercial and retail centres in Alberta.


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Harvey J. Thal - Royop

Harvey J. Thal


“We’re fun to do business with and people enjoy dealing with us. We develop friendships with our clients and we’re doers. We get things done!” may not be traditional comments from the Chairman and CEO of a busy and successful company but it is classic Harvey Thal, the affable Chairman and CEO of Royop.

“And we also develop really nice shopping centres,” he laughs.

Harvey has been a dynamic and trusted industry leader in the Calgary and western Canada shopping centre development and leasing business for more than 30 years. He knows the business! Despite the many changes and the evolution of shopping centre concepts, Harvey is focused and successful due to his honesty, his tremendous experience, his contemporary approach and his uncompromised love (and respect) for people.

“When it comes down to it, this business is rewarding and exciting but it’s all about relationships. Looking after the needs of our loyal Royop clients and how we treat our terrific Royop employees.

Harvey admits that the legal and bank paper-trail can be intimidatingly complex but explains that it is part of Royop’s specialty to help the organizations clients get through the confusion and make the perfect arrangement.

Harvey is responsible for Royop’s overall corporate direction and financing aspects and, aside from 25-hour days at work, he enjoys his three grandchildren and golfing at Calgary’s Canyon Meadows.

Melvin Foht - Royop

Melvin Foht

Vice Chairman

“I really thrive on the various people aspects of my job” he says. “I very much enjoy seeing things built from nothing to something exciting and terrific, but this is a people business. I work with great people and one of our key Royop differences is that we have a heart. It’s so much more than negotiating a good lease rate or sound financials. We not only work with our heads, we work with our hearts.”

Melvin Foht is President & COO, as well as a founding shareholder of Royop. His diverse day job is Royop operations, where he provides guidance and direction for Royop’s numerous development activities, including civic approvals, the designs and Royop construction.

Melvin has sought-after skills and expertise in the development, acquisition and management of commercial real estate and has been a respected development and leasing expert in the Calgary market for more than 25 years. He is also a passionate Calgary-booster.

“Calgary is probably the best market in Canada!” Melvin brags with enthusiasm.  “The people are entrepreneurial and the physical location is the best. It’s such a great place to work and live. I love the buzz.”

Brian Kowall - Royop

Brian Kowall

Vice Chairman, Emeritus

“Integrity, Honesty, and market expertise,”

This is what sets Royop apart and ultimately what today’s development and leasing business is all about, according to Royop Vice Chairman, Brian Kowall.

With decades of development and leasing expertise in Calgary and throughout western Canada, Brian has been involved in the successful property management and leasing of over five million square feet of power centres, malls, plazas and other commercial, industrial, residential and mixed use projects.

“We know the market, and we prioritize strong relationships with our Royop clients — many of whom have been with us for years” Brian says with enthusiasm and pride. “It’s vital that we do fair negotiations for retailers.”

The market is constantly changing and the contemporary consumer now prefers integrated community and lifestyle focused developments. Brian emphasizes that Royop is up-to-date and contemporary, and after more than 20 years of Royop success and client loyalty, “we’re still earning the trust and building our portfolio.”

When he’s not working closely with Royop clients, the Calgary-based father of three grown children is on a spin bike and into the rest of his daily routine in the gym.

Jeremy Thal - Royop

Jeremy Thal

President and CEO

“This is a very consumer-driven business and the shopping centre and retail market is changing. Royop listens to the market, we adapt and we are responsive. Even in commercial real estate world, like in residential, it used to be location, location, location,” Jeremy chuckles. “Today it’s —access, access and access.”

Getting it all done is Jeremy Thal’s job at Royop.

The business cards say Royop Executive Vice President, but day-to-day, Jeremy’s responsibilities include the successful completion of all assigned Royop projects, coordinating the designs, the Royop construction and leasing, and the key to Royop’s core business focus: ensuring that Royop projects are completed — on time and on budget.

“A few of the important Royop differences are the wealth of Royop experience but also that we’re not a big, clumsy bureaucracy. We’re honest, humble and our handshake is golden,” he says with pride.

“It’s a big plus that Royop is small enough to have effective, personal relationships with our clients. We are flexible and can get deals done—creatively and much quicker than usual.

In addition to work, work, work, Jeremy enjoys his three kids and being a self-confessed sports addict.

Royop Head Office

Our History

From Western Canada’s first enclosed mall in 1972, to our future projects, we know that every retail centre is unique. Past, present and future, we continue to create great experiences, for every community we are a part of.

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